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Call Center

*Administered over 1.5 million contracts

Call Center Employee

*Processed over 300,000 claims


*Paid over $225 million claim dollars


Xtensive Series

Car Outline

Xpanded Series

Commercial Use

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Electric Vehicles

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Modified Vehicles

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Lifted/Lowered  Oversize Tires

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Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Completely hassle free. That is wonderful when dealing with warranties. It was great that we were able to use a local mobile service for our repair. No complaints.


I'm happy. So far I've had to file two claims. The first one was made simple by the rep I spoke to. She gave me all the necessary paperwork and explained what needed to be done. The second one was even simpler because I already had copies of the necessary paperwork. I'm glad that I bought this warranty.

Professionalism, Quality, 
Responsiveness, Value

My mechanic called Cornerstone with the issues involved on my 2008 Dodge Ram and both were approved immediately. A very quick response got my truck back on the road in a day. It also helps to know what your warranty covers and what it does not cover to prevent delays. Thank you for being there when needed.

 Program Administrator :

Cornerstone United Inc.

931 Commissioners Road E Suite 201
London ON N5Z 3H9
Canada Toll Free: 855-963-4779

*Based on numbers for all programs sold in North America over the last 15 years.